We asked Paston House cleaners about the weirdest things they’ve ever walked in on

They’ve seen things

Mary Chapman Court infested by bed bugs and cockroaches

Students have been told to try and catch them alive

Norfolk Terrace fresher finds a man hiding in her closet

He said ‘gotcha’ and ran off

Norfolk Terrace voted 8th best halls in the country

And everyone said it was ugly

WiFinally in halls

No more struggling with the cable wire as UEA announces it will be installing WiFi in halls.

And so for the last time, down it Fresher!

Is it the end of an era or a long-awaited escape? Jasmin Gray counts down the things she’ll miss about being a Fresher

Species of Flatmate Explained

Ever wondered if the motley crew inhabiting your flat is unique…? EDWARD CLAXTON boils down the types of flatmate you can hope to encounter.