Hero vows to ruin blogger’s crowd-funded dates with accordion

He’s got an instrument and he’s not afraid to use it


A self-proclaimed “ruiner” is raising money to enable him to pester a waistcoated hipster who recently made the news with his campaign to crowd-fund dates.

Brave Phil Stewart has vowed to ruin the ex-BDSM blogger’s hook-ups by following the couple around with an accordion which he admitted he cannot play. He has launched his worthy campaign titled “Ruin Toms 13 Dates”.

Lovelorn Tom Packer is the Norwich blogger-cum-bartender who took to crowd-funding site IndieGoGo to appeal for women to pay to date him.


Our accordion wielding hero

Tom has since claimed the appeal was a PR stunt. But not before incensed readers called for him to be “catapulted into the sun”.

After his campaign was removed from the site, London-based Phil Stewart has stepped up to stop Packer’s pecker in his own special way.


Stewart said: “Tom is raising money to go on dates and I would like to follow him around on his dates with an accordion and play for the happy couple.

“I have an accordion but I don’t know how to play it.”

He claims to need the money “to go into some London pubs and have a few pints with my accordion before venturing out into town”.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 14.05.20

Perks of the campaign include a high five, a signed photo of Stewart’s accordion and a ride on his slightly dilapidated motorbike.

A donation of £1,300, equal to the total amount Packer aimed to raise, would earn you the role of partner in crime.

He said: “If you donate this amount you will come with me on my quest to ruin Tom’s 13 dates.

“Although I imagine if we do our job well there will be only one.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 18.27.52

He also hinted to the possibility of “pints and shenanigans”.

At the time of publication the campaign has raised £86.

Donors have until the end of the day on Thursday 26th of March to pledge their funds.

If you’d like to aid Phil’s heroic campaign you can donate here.