I ate everything with my hands for a week


Is it OK to go topless on the beach?

Free those nipples

Second year wants his hipster clothing line to change the fashion industry

‘If change won’t happen from the top-down, I thought I’d try to do something from the bottom-up’

Shocked second year has laptop snatched from library

She left her desk for only two minutes

Why would you go to Oxbridge when you could go to UEA?

You can keep your black tie dinners and your boat race: I’d rather be in Norwich

Jobsworth invigilators confiscated my pink calculator before an exam because it was the wrong make

Imagine if this happened to you

We fell in love in Freshers’ Week and now we’re engaged

He popped the question after three months

Has anyone had a worse driving test than this girl?

‘The examination sheet had more minors than a One Direction concert’

Hero vows to ruin blogger’s crowd-funded dates with accordion

He’s got an instrument and he’s not afraid to use it

We got drunk with the Wealdstone Raider

He said we’ve got no fans

These two third years want you to have a wee in the shower

Go on, just try it