Newcastle campus style

Coats, scarves and hats are all back out in force this week

We’re back!

Here’s the students who treat the campus as their catwalk. We asked Newcastle’s best dressed and what they like most about their outfits.

Luke Allison, Sabatical Officer

His favourite item: The penis suit

Tom Hanham, Marketing, second year

His Favourite Item: Converse

Isabelle Thompson, Drug Chemistry, Msc

Her Favourite item: Boots

Tash Emerson, Media and Communications, first year

Her favourite item: Coat

Gus Bedford, Chemical Engineering, third year

His favourite item: Coat

Jess Wells, English Literature, third year

Her favourite item: Coat

Adam Sayedi, Medicine, second year

His favourite item: “Snoody” jumper

Georgie Morrish, Fine Art, first year (Left) & Maisie Price, Fine Art, first year (Right)

Georgie’s favourite item: Reeboks
Maisie’s favourite item: Coat

Lily Holden, Media and Communications, second year

Her favourite item: Knee-high boots

Ella Davies, second Year, History

Her Favourite Item: Barbour jacket

Emily Biggar, English Language, third year

Her favourite item: Suede coat

Daniel Bryden, Music, first year

His favourite item: Jumper