Newcastle’s ugly ducklings: We dug up your embarrassing old Facebook photos

No one is safe

We’ve been trawling the web trying to find the photos you wish had been forgotten about. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Francesca, third year, History of Art

What would your mother say?

Sam, third year, Sociology

Cool cig mate

Chad, third year, History

From trunk to hunk

Ed, second year, Urban Planning

Accessorising is key

Georgia, third year, Politics & Katie, third year, Law


Will, third year, Marketing

Brace face

Shaun, second year, Politics


Nick, third year, History

It was only a matter of time til the bucket hat appeared

Harriet, third year, English Literature

So natural

Jack, third year, Management

Still having a bitch-pop?

Sam, third year, Politics

O > 0

Alex, third year, Marketing

Extra points for glasses/ vest coordination

Izzy, third year, Media & Holly, third year, Sociology

Baby-faced besties

Max, third year, Agriculture