Watch: Circuit Laundry tumble dryer catches fire at Unsworth Park halls

Students were evacuated for two hours

Last night, at midnight, a Circuit Laundry machine caught fire in university student accommodation in Fallowfield.

The fire started in the Meadow building’s laundry room and is rumoured by students to have been caused by an Elf Bar being left in the tumble dryer but this has not been confirmed.

It didn’t spread and only one student’s clothes caught alight.

First year student Rowan posted a video on Thursday on TikTok, showing one of the tumble dryers filling with black smoke as students exited the laundry room.


What happens when you throw a blem in the tumble dryer #manchesteruni #unsworthpark #manchester #fallowfield

♬ original sound – ell ★


Rowan told the Manchester Tab: “The security people used fire extinguishers but it kept smoking so the fire brigade were called.”

Students were then evacuated from Bilberry block as a fire engine arrived to assess the damage.

“We were all stood outside for two hours before they let us back into the flat.”

A spokesperson for the university told the Manchester Tab “We are aware of an incident last night at the Unsworth Park halls of residence in which a tumble dryer caught fire. It was quickly dealt with by fire services and security staff.

“The laundry equipment is supplied through a third party, who will now be carrying out an investigation. In the meantime the appliances will be checked by a qualified engineer to ensure their safe usage.”

Circuit Laundry have been approached for comment.

The Manchester Tab send condolences to the unlucky Unsworth resident who went into the Meadow expecting an ordinary laundry cycle but whose white socks will never be the same.

Burned but, more importantly, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava scented for the rest of time.

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