Meet the Manchester freshers who are already popping off on TikTok

Heads up, they’re already cooler than the returning students

Gone are the days when TikTok was deemed ‘cringe’ and used exclusively by all-American girls and topless frat boys dancing to renegade. Unfortunately, nowadays even the coolest of us are prone to the nightly four hour spiral down the TikTok rabbit hole (and that’s on a good night).

We’re all familiar with the big names in the UK (the likes of Madeline Argy and GKBarry) but few know about the rising stars joining Manchester unis this term. They’ve been gracing your screens and now landing in your libraries, here’s an insight into the lives of the Manc freshers popping off on your fyp.

Glo Cortez

Now this girl can dance. If you’re going on a night out and see her in the club- don’t be intimidated. She will definitely be better than you on the dance floor but as long as you bring good vibes and lots of energy, you will have a pretty great night! Maybe even learn a move or two.

She is originally from Bristol but came to Manchester to study at the University of Bolton. She replies to literally every comment, so if you’re in need of a friendly face, give her a follow.

PS: there’s a slide in her accommodation so definitely worth befriending!


Rebekah Doran

Rebekah is absolutely killing the Tiktok game. If it’s uni room decor inspiration or tips on what to wear to campus, Rebekah is your girl. After smashing her A-Levels in summer, she is off to MMU to study Business Management.

She balances her whopping 258.5k followers with being a model for IMM. If you don’t know what ‘GRWM’ stands for, then maybe this account is not for you.


Heather Bowling 

Heather, ‘Hev’, has headed to UoM to study English Language. It’s a good job Heather’s got a sense of humour because unfortunately she did end up in Whitworth Park. Although her accommodation does share a likeness with a prison cell, she looks to be in high spirits so far.

Currently she is thriving but we are yet to see how she survives the Fresher’s flu. Something tells us that ‘Hev’ knows how to party! Girl we know you’re going to miss your dogs and your mum’s roasts but i think the ‘many hoes’ will make up for it.


Jessica Rae

Jessica-Rae is studying at the University of Salford and staying at Peel Park. She’s only been moved in for a couple weeks but based on the fact she’s already got matching tattoos with a flatmate, we are pretty confident she is settling in just fine.

We don’t know anyone who has already labelled their flatmates ‘friends for life’ but we’re here for it!


Millie Price

Not only does Millie like to sing, but she’s bloody good at it too! Desperately hoping to see Millie at some of Fallow’s open mic nights, after all Manchester does birth musical sensations. She’s on day 8 of trying to go viral for her singing on TikTok so show some love.

Likely to be spotted on walks and getting coffee, she pretty much has the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic nailed!



… and if you’re just looking for friends

Theres an incredible amount of Manchester Freshers taking to the app in hope to find their future best friends. Basically, everyone is nervous about not making friends. Moral of the story? Speak to everyone and be yourself. Everyone is in the exact same position.

If TikTok isn’t for you and you want another way to find friends why don’t you join the Tab? You can write articles like this or uncover the biggest stories on campus? The Manchester Tab are looking for new writers and we want you! To find out about how to join the team and come to our first open meeting, click the link here.

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