We want you! The Manchester Tab is looking for new writers!

Our first open meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th of September

Looking for a way to enhance your uni experience? Then we present you our answer: write for the Manchester Tab!

Do you like nights out? Food? Fighting for what’s right? Or simply enjoy watching chaos unfold? Well whatever you like, we want you to be a part of our community and help us make The Tab Manchester awesome.

Manchester has an amazingly diverse student body so we know there are some great stories out there just waiting to be told!

It’s also a great way to stay on top of all of the uni goss with silly stories and breaking news of university controversies.

Plus boost those employability skills meanwhile having lots of fun.

Our writers have gone on to work for BBC, Vice, Vogue and The Times (not to flex or anything…).


The lifeblood of the Tab, iconic stories. Really showcasing what Manchester student life is all about. Writing these stories is a great way to showoff your sense of humor and share your knowledge and experiences of living in Manchester.

You can really have fun with these stories and use it as an opportunity to try new things. You could write things like ‘I tried this 1 star rated takeaway in fallow and it was not as bad as you think’ or ‘I stayed 24 hours in Ali G and gradually went insane’.

(For all you confused freshers out there we’re talking about a LIBRARY and NOT Sacha Baron Cohen’s character).


The Tab is an amazing platform for calling out the uni on their bullsh*t and sharing student voice. This is because we are not associated with any university so that means they can’t tell us what to do and what to write! We’re free to be rebellious! (*coughs* unlike some other university papers).

The Requirements:

  • Be a student
  • Be a student in Manchester
  • Bring lots of enthusiasm!

That’s right, NO writing experience is needed. We the editorial team are here to guide you. You just focus on bringing your personality and ideas to our meetings.

(Some of) Your Editorial Team 22/23

Open Meeting

Intrigued? Come to our open meeting Tuesday 27th of September at 7pm! In this meeting you’ll get to meet the editorial team and get a taste of what it’s like to work with us.

Fill out the form below to register your interest and we will email you the meeting location soon.

Open meeting form

Contact Us

Got anymore questions? Don’t be shy to DM us on Instagram. We’re always happy to help and be sure to follow us on all of our socials to keep up to date with all the fun we get up to!

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