UoM Women’s Rugby Soc boycotts 256 nights after they allege five members were spiked

256 is now offering ‘anti-drug lids’ to drinks

UoM Women’s Rugby Society has announced a boycott of society nights on Wednesdays at 256 after they allege five of their members were spiked last week.

In a Facebook post they said: “We have decided that we will not be going to 256 for nights out until we are confident this will not happen again.”

Following reports “across Manchester”, 256 is now offering anti-spiking lids with their drinks.

A spokesperson for the Women’s Rugby Society said: “Girls are taking lots of measures to stay safe and it’s still happening, so it’s clearly a cultural issue rather than being about the steps you can take to stay safe. Harsher penalties for people caught and the police taking issues more seriously would also be good.”

In an Instagram post, 256 said: “We’re aware of what’s been happening across Manchester. It’s our utmost priority to take preventative measures and keep all of our customers safe.

“We’re offering free anti-drug bottle-stops and lids with all of our drinks. Feel free to pick one up!”

A spokesperson for UoM Women’s Rugby supported the move, saying: “It makes people feel a lot safer” and recommended other venues follow suit.

The social secretary of UoM Women’s Football said: “It’s nice to see that they are taking this issue seriously especially seeing as a lot of venues are ignoring the issue.”

UoM’s Student Union Women’s Officer Jas Taylor has met with student-led campaigns Resist Rape Culture, Not On My Campus UK and the Office for Students Task and Finish Group. They say they’ve been looking into bar accreditation training schemes, anti-spiking devices and making drinks testing schemes available to improve safety for women.

UoM’s Student Union bar now also has free anti-spiking devices available and the SU encourages people who have suffered from spiking to use the online Report and Support system.

256 has been contacted for additional comment.

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