Nancy Rothwell confronted by protestors as security ‘threatens to assault’ students

Nancy was escorted into a car by security to avoid The Tab’s questioning


Manchester Uni Vice Chancellor, Nancy Rothwell was confronted by protestors and The Tab at one of her first in-person events of the year.

After the university’s annual ‘Foundation Day’ event, Nancy repeatedly refused to answer The Tab’s questions. The event was tightly controlled by security who escorted Nancy from a back exit into her car, pushing away both reporters and protestors in the process.

The Tab repeatedly asked Nancy “if she would resign”, “who supports her” and whether she was “too scared to be interviewed because of her car-crash on Newsnight”.

Nancy speaking inside the event

As security rushed her into a car, Nancy muttered indistinguishably under her breath in response. We all know though Nancy is an avid Tab reader and look forward to her future emails.

During the relatively brief incident, one protestor handed Nancy Rothwell a P45 letter of resignation whilst security threatened protestors.

One protestor, Finley Gore, claims a member of Nancy’s security said he would “knock him the fuck out if he came any closer”.

Nancy was shielded by a team of security

Another protestor who asked for the badge number of a security guard alleges he was told he would be “tracked down” a phrase the protestor described as “incredibly threatening”.

Update 14/10/2021: The Tab Manchester originally included a quote in this story made by a guest at the event, which implied she regretted voting for Nancy Rothwell. This has now been removed and corrected.

A University spokesperson said: “We are aware of an unpleasant incident which took place on the University campus on Wednesday evening involving, we understand, a Tab reporter and a group of students who targeted the President and Vice-Chancellor in a hostile and very personal manner. This was witnessed by several staff.

“The individuals had previously unsuccessfully sought to disrupt the University’s Foundation Day celebrations in Whitworth Hall. This type of aggressive behaviour is clearly unacceptable and does not demonstrate a commitment to our shared values. We will be reviewing all available information accordingly.”

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