Five Manchester Uni security guards have been investigated so far this year

Two were recently charged by Manchester police

Earlier this month, two University of Manchester security guards were charged by police for racially aggravated assault.

The Tab can now reveal a total of five members of UoM security have been investigated or are still under investigation in just the past year.

Increased security measures at the uni have come under the national spotlight during the past year.

Back in September, the uni spent £11,000 on fences around Fallowfield halls, which were eventually torn down during protests.

Then in November student, Zac Adan, was “racially profiled” by security outside his halls. He was “pinned against a wall” on his way home from the shops by security guards who allegedly said he “looked like a drug dealer”.

Soon after, Vice Chancellor Nancy Rothwell was forced to apologise after she wrongfully said during a BBC interview that she had contacted Zac, when she hadn’t.

Rothwell apologised after lying on BBC Newsnight

Discussing the racial profiling incident, another security guard was also filmed telling a student they “don’t know of any white drug dealers”.

A spokesperson for Cops Off Campus, a group that has been monitoring the increased police and security presence on campus, said: “The environment created around campus this past year has been defined by hostility, especially towards students of colour.

“The uni has worked to create a situation where basic rights are frequently violated.

“Their actions are scare tactics plain and simple, intended to intimidate students in their own homes.

“We know institutional racism is prevalent throughout our uni but it’s often at its most violent in the actions of security”.

A University of Manchester spokesperson said: “While we don’t accept these comments as a true picture of life on campus, we are working closely with student reps in halls, and the Students’ Union to make changes. We have worked with students on an equality, diversity and inclusion action plan which we are progressing as a priority.

“Since the start of the academic year, Greater Manchester Police have been operating an initiative across the city, which has targeted reports of large gatherings both on and off university campuses.

“Students in residences have made reports related to such illegal gatherings and told us how they make them feel unsafe.

“The health and wellbeing of our students is always of the utmost importance to the University. We know the overwhelming majority of our students are adhering to the guidelines, and we thank them for their continuing good behaviour and support.”

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