Nancy Rothwell apologises for not contacting ‘racially profiled’ student

Last night she said she had written to the student involved


Manchester University’s Vice Chancellor, Nancy Rothwell, has apologised for not contacting the student involved in a “racial profiling” incident on Fallowfield campus.

In an interview with BBC’s Newsnight, she said she had written to the student involved in the incident. She has just released a statement saying this was “incorrect”.

She said: “I am devastated that I made the wrong remark on national television”.

Last Friday, Manchester student Zac Adan said he had been “racially profiled” by some university security guards. He said he had been “pinned against a wall” on his way home from the shops by security guards who allegedly said he “looked like a drug dealer”.

After the incident, the university suspended the security guards and launched an investigation.

A university spokesperson said: “We are deeply concerned by these images. We have spoken to the student concerned, launched a full investigation and have suspended the security officers (without prejudice) pending the results of this investigation.”


Peaceful protests took place earlier this week in response to the incident.

Nancy Rothwell apologised, saying: “The last few weeks have been extremely difficult for everybody, but particularly for this university. Last night, I appeared on BBC Newsnight. It was a difficult interview.

“This morning, I realised that one of the things I said in the interview, with good intent, was in fact, incorrect.

“I said that I had written to the student that was involved in a serious incident on the 13th of November.

“I found out today that, in fact, that was not included in correspondence to him.

“I am devastated that I made the wrong remark on national television. I’ve written to sincerely apologise to the student. We’ve also contacted Newsnight, and I’m now telling you about this mistake.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am about it. I can only commit to the fact that I am passionate about this university, about our staff, our students, and our values, which, of course, include zero tolerance of any discrimination, and support for everybody within it, and I will do the very best I can to uphold those values, and to support our university”.

Featured image via BBC Newsnight

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