11 ways to say you go to Uni of Manchester, without actually saying it

From Factory, to flares, to fences

If you’re a student at the University of Manchester you most likely won’t have to say it because your Y2K Depop aesthetic and Fallow lifestyle will do all the talking for you.

So here at the Tab Manc we have made a comprehensive list of the top 11 things that scream to the world you go to Uni of. If you relate to these then sorry but you’re probably a bit basic and say things like ”rah”, “wavy garms” and “Oi! where’s my baccy?” (unironically…)

1. Big Sainsbury’s

We’ve all decided to go to big Sainsbury’s to just feel something right? But you end up getting stuck in a queue going back to Bodey Medical Centre, only to eventually get in have the inevitable awkward run in with that person you haven’t talked to since first year. Regrets.

2. House trolley

Speaking of Sainsbury’s, if you’re lucky you might end up with a stylish new home bar. Perfect for all the house parties you’re definitely NOT having.

3. Galahad

Now that there’s nowhere to get a £1.99 pint (RIP Squirrels), it is very important to persuade your mate with a car to take you to Aldi to stock up.

4. The library

When it’s the week of your deadline and you decide to actually be a good student and book a study space, you’re most likely going to be hit with this screen.

5. The Hill in Platt Fields

Credit to  @plattfields_marketgarden on Instagram

Seeing this as soon as it hits nine degrees in Fallowfield is standard (but seriously pick up your rubbish).

6. Oak House curtains

This monstrosity of a design choice is burned into your mind permanently.

7. The fences

These were a lovely addition to the views you get on your government sanctioned daily walk as a Manchester student.

8. The rain

Back when we used to queue for things like Factory and Revs and should have definitely been taking the rain as a sign to not bother and go home.

9. Fallow stompers and flares

We can’t forget these absolute staples. If you haven’t owned flares or Filas then you know at least three people who have. Bonus points if you add the Urban Outfitters reusable bag.

10. The silverfish

Coiling up into the foetal position, not caring about the mould, after a few too many keys is pretty standard for most students. But you’ll end up sleeping with the silverfish because even if (big IF) you clean your bathroom semi-regularly, there’s just a permanent infestation of these things. This one doesn’t apply to you if you were in boujee Unsworth (for obvious reasons).

11. New Zealand Wines

Last but not least, you’re definitely a Manchester student if the two for a fiver wine deal going up to seven quid was the most shocking and heartbreaking moment of your life.

There you have it, just some of the many classic things that make up the Uni of lifestyle. Some that will stick with you past graduation and some you will try to forget –  but you can take the student out of Manny but you can never take the Manny out the student.

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