This event by the FSG admins is FREE if you register to vote

Fancy seeing Zed Bias for free?

Admin of the facebook group of our hearts, Farris Ramzy is holding a free Garage night at the Deaf Institute for everyone who’s registered to vote.

Votes of Garage is on at 11PM on Thursday December 12th and promises to bring us banging sets from the likes of Manchester legends Zed Bias and Chimpo.

Farris told the Manchester Tab “We have been thinking how to do our small bit for the most important election of our lifetimes.

"I don't believe in telling anyone who to vote for, but definitely believe the Young in this country, if they sign up, could have a huge effect on the outcome of the election; especially if you are from part of the country that is more in the balance.

"If you are an anarchist with no interest in voting you can still come, just need to buy a (Very reasonably-priced as always) ticket."

The organizers at Ghosts of Garage tell us that anyone who emails [email protected] will be put on the FREE Guest List before Midnight.”

"Zed Bias is one of the founding figures of UK Garage AND Dubstep, and he has recently been invited to curate a stage at next year's Outlook Festival, in recognition of his status within UK Bass Culture.

"Both him and CHIMPO will be playing special Garage sets for Ghosts Of Garage."