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The owner of Parklife petitioned the Government to make the Monday after the festival a bank holiday

‘It’s offensive, nonsense, a joke or an advert’


Many brave Manchester’s Summer weather of mud and rain to attend the hugely popular two day music festival, Parklife.

So after a weekend of drinking, dancing and the dreaded porta-loos, it's fairly reasonable to ask for a the next day off right? You need to re-charge after a festival.

Warehouse and Parklife Co-founder Sacha Lord-Marchionne thought so too, so to kickstart this he created a petition.

However the current Government didn't agree and notified Sacha that they had rejected his petition.

According to the email Sacha posted on Twitter, the petition was rejected because “it's offensive, nonsense, a joke or an advert”

But Sacha was being serious.

Online response was quick and his tweet garnered 1.3k likes with many providing insightful comments.

Someone suggested that a convincing argument would be to offer the main stage for the next Royal Wedding.

I suppose the Queen could bring one of those camping chairs with those convenient cupholders.

Even Prestwich Carnival revealed they’ve been trying the same thing for years, highlighting that this has been an ongoing issue!

One person suggested Parklife move their festival dates to the week before which is a bank holiday, a sly move but definitely worth it if the people are ever going to recover.

Sacha Lord-Marchionne did not comment on what his next move will be, perhaps only time will tell if the working population will be granted that blessed bank holiday. They work every day of the year anyway so why not?

Tickets are on sale for this years Parklife Festival which will take place 9-10th June, 2018.