Best of YikYak: Revision edition

The very best of procrastination

Let’s paint a picture – there’s no seats left in the library, conversation doesn’t go much further than a groan and it’s highly possible you’ve not slept in a few days thanks to Modafinil.

It’s exam season and rather than being good girls and boys and making notes our tutors would be proud of, we spend our time doing anything and everything to procrastinate.

At the top of the food chain of procrastinators sits a rare breed, a species that deserves full marks in every exam they sit, the hilarious heroes that get the most upvotes on YikYak.

To keep the procrastination going, we’ve compiled the best of exam YikYaks.

Everything will be alright if I spend my life in Blue

I mean, sure

Plenty more library baes

Don’t forget the lube

Take your revision and your screen get out of my life

Sorry, I’m not fluent in exam

Who wants a degree when you can have dogs?

Question number two

At least you look cute

It’s getting intimate

Does that make it sexy?

One sentence = one cigarette

May the odds be ever in your favour