Couple say they were rejected from Wetherspoons for being gay

Doorman refused them entry to The Moon Under Water pub on Deansgate

A gay couple were refused entry into a Wetherspoons pub by a doorman on the grounds of their sexuality, according to a blog post by one of the victims.

Joshua Fox, 23 and from Manchester, was looking for a few quiet drinks with his boyfriend.

His perfect night was ruined, however, when he was stopped at the door and told “mixed couples only tonight”.

Another doorman stepped in and allowed them entry after, but “the damage had already been done”.

Image Source: Google Maps

Fox, not tolerating the discrimination, asked if mixed-race couples of all-female groups would be turned away as well.

The duty manager of the pub is reported to have shockingly then said: “We actually turned away a mixed race guy with a white friend after you and your boyfriend.”

Taking the matter up with Wetherspoons head office, the victim was informed that following an investigation “in this instance, the door staff on duty at this time were merely checking that you and your boyfriend were not intoxicated before allowing your entry into the premises”.

Image Source: Twitter

In response, Fox wrote on his blog: “Forgive me Wetherspoons, but I’m afraid I’m not satisfied that refusing a couple seemingly because of their sexuality is an accurate measure of checking someone’s level of intoxication?”