The hottest new couple on campus…are cats

Meet Justin and Justine, the new feline couple on campus, a result of Tab matchmaking!

You know that feeling. Love is in the air, the burning lust that  feels so right, but pisses everyone else off. But, there is no greater feeling than setting two people up who end up falling in love. The feeling of pure loyalty to wingmanism.

Remember Justin? Well, since The Tab discovered him,  a series of mischievous events have led to a purrfect couple.

Writing for The Tab has been enjoyable, and I’ve met some great people, but it is moments like this that will  really stick with me for the rest of my life – knowing that you really made a difference to two feline lives.

This love story began in early Easter, with a curious letter from a mysterious source.

The first love  letter of many

The first love letter of many

Justin gets a large amount of daily fan mail, but this one was different. Justin has never been in love before, he is not normally a monogamous being. The letter continued…

The second..

The second..

They kept coming…

and coming…

A glimmer of hope?

Until one day, she turned up accompanied with one last love note.

Justin’s house mate Charlie couldn’t believe who knocked on the door!

Never to shy away from a moment, Justin was prepared for learning a new path of life, tearing away from his single, Casanova lifestyle. What followed was an immediate connection no other, a new relationship has blossomed.

The happy couple going to uni and back together

Plaice and Whole Fat Milk Purr-lease.

Plaice and Whole Fat Milk Purr-lease.

Plate o’ milk and some bubbles please.

‘Their’ corner. Oh, and Justin sings.

A relationship like this is rare, and thanks to the people that urged Justine to speak out about her love. The Tab would love to know who Justine’s friends are, Justine is very shy and will not tell us. Please get in contact if you lived with Justine before, we would love to know who started this love story.

To be continued…