Loop’s clubbers of the week is BACK with freshers edition

The freshers beach party definitely made a *splash*

A new uni year with no restrictions can only mean one thing: Loop is back, and we are all much, much richer for it.

The UCL sports night comprising of dodgy dancers, dodgy music transitions and a dodgy light-up dance floor could not possibly get better if it wasn’t for the official photographs, showcasing the very best (and worst) that UCL’s student body has to offer.

And this time around, we’ve got even more of a treat with Loop’s freshers beach party event, which promised to be a wild one. Behold, the return of our clubbers of the week, featuring Harry Potter stunt doubles and the guy who whispers in that girl’s ear in the meme.

Freshest freshers

Well that’s a bunch of silly little freshers if ever I saw one. Throw a few VKs in there and you’ve got the full Loop package.

Most dedicated dancer

I’m not sure whether it’s the glow-stick necklace or glistening hair look that is more worthy of the title, but it’s clear we’ve got a big-time-boogier on our hands here. He was definitely singing along to Crazy in Love.

Happiest to be back

Honestly girl, same. It’s been such a journey but Loop will always be here to hold our hands through the storm. Just look at that pure joy.

Best costume attempt

I’m not sure whether this was a sports society thing or just a chance to dress up as Harry Potter and the gang, but I’m really loving the different colour ties of the Hogwarts houses. Best (and only) attempt to wear anything other than a Hawaiian flower necklace.

Most immaculate vibes

Need I say more? I think this shirt says it all on its own.

Biggest sports reps

It may be for the volleyball team, and they may never actually step onto a pitch other than to guarantee them a spot at the society table in Loop, but nevertheless they put the R in Represent.

Most wholesome school choir

Take this photo out of Loop and into a church background, and this lot could absolutely be belting out some hymns in assembly. The unison, the emotion – it’s heart-wrenching.

Best living meme

I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that this photo has any differing vibes with the beloved club meme of the guy whispering in that girl’s ear. Iconic.

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