10 weird and wonderful societies you should visit at UCL Freshers’ Fair

Don’t lie, you definitely want to learn the Argentine Tango

With a new school year, a new set of doe-eyed freshers are flooding in for Freshers’ Week in London – and this time, there will actually be somewhat of a student scene. It’ll be a spectacle to behold, for sure, maybe even emotional.

And arguably, the most important part of freshers, excluding shit club events that wind up outside Egg eating £2 pizza at 3.00am, is the Freshers’ Fair. This year, UCL definitely promises to hold a banging event.

Online and in-person, Freshers’ Fair will run on Saturday 2nd October to Sunday 3rd October 10:00am to 6:00pm. Get ready to weave your way through over 300 clubs and societies all around campus, get harassed by sports teams, and notice societies that are a bit on the stranger side. Scroll to see our top most interesting picks:

1. Beer Pong Society

beer pong, freshers', society

Instagram: @ucl_beerpongsociety

If you want a chance to unwind and take a break from studying, you should definitely check out Beer Pong Society. With all materials provided (including unlimited beer!) they hold regular beer pong socials for all levels of experience.

In an a way, it’s beautifully genius. A social drinking society that literally does what it says on the tin, no hidden rugby lad requirements needed.

Find out more on their Facebook here.

2. Pokemon Society

freshers', pokemon society

Instagram: @uclpokemonsoc

Even if you know absolutely nothing about Pokemon, this society welcomes all levels of interest. If you just like playing Pokemon Go, or you’re really into battle competitions, Pokemon Society is packed with great events. They also do movie nights and socials.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

3. Application of Psychedelics Society

freshers', psychedelics society

Instagram: @uclsap

Interested in the true nature of the human mind and body? Try the Application of Psychedelics Society. With debates and guest lectures ranging from the history of psychedelic music to a chill social meet, this society will definitely give you some unique new experiences.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

4. Food Society

Instagram: @uclfoodsociety

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this newly established flavourful society. Created for the cookers and the cuisine lovers alike, they promise food tours around different areas of London, Masterchef competitions, socials and more.

There’s nothing quite like bonding over the wonder that is carbs, from pasta to pizza, Asian to Mexican, desserts to breakfasts. Speak with an Italian accent and gesture at everything for bonus society points.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

5. Argentine Tango Society

freshers', argentine tango, society, dancers

Facebook: UCL Argentine Tango Society

A relatively new society founded in 2019, Argentine Tango Society is for all levels of dance. Whether you can move like Rita Moreno or you’ve got two left feet, ATS holds weekly lessons with professional dancers who have their own Tango schools.

You also get the chance to go out and perform in London, pretending that you’re on holiday in Buenos Aires instead of in the rain all day every day.

Find out more on their Facebook here.

6. Bubble Tea Society

Instagram: @uclbubbleteasoc

Bubble Tea Society isn’t just an excuse to go check out the cool bubble tea places in town (though I’m still so down to do that), they also do DIY workshops, picnics and movie nights. Not to mention, members get discounts at popular bubble tea spots all across London.

At last, the students who swarm around in angry flocks of 30 and hoard Yi Fang on campus or Mooboo in Camden, have somewhere to go to let out the pent-up energy. Praise the Bubble Tea Society for hearing the people.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

7. Wilderness Medicine Society

freshers', hikers

Instagram: @uclwildernessmed

If you want to learn how to survive in the unknown, wilderness medicine is here for you. Open to medics and non-medics alike, get involved in workshops or attend the lectures to hear from a host of experts on all things wild and wonderful.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

8. Krishna Consciousness Society

freshers', meditation

Instagram: @kcsocucl

Interested in tapping into your spiritual side? This society promises the “on-campus spiritual experience”. They offer meditation, lifestyle advice and a chance to unwind. With opportunities to go to spiritual retreats across the UK, check it out if you want the answers to life’s biggest questions.

To the older students that still remember the days of Hare Krishna and what to get connected back to their free-food roots, this is also the place to be.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

9. Lamorna Society

Facebook: UCL Lamorna Society

For the perfume lovers, Lamorna Society explores the link between scent and emotion. It is dedicated to learning the history and future advancements of candles. If making a personalised candle and discussing all things scent sounds good to you, look no further.

Find out more on their Facebook here.

10. Board Games Society

freshers', board games society

Instagram: @uclboardgamessociety

Like to play a bit of Monopoly or Cluedo to unwind? Try the Board Games Society. With games such as Saboteur, Secret Hitler, Werewolf and Mafia, you can be sure to challenge yourself while also meeting new friends.

You may not see Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomas Brodie-Sangster sexily engulfed in a chess game, but it’s definitely got good social vibes and a way to escape from your drunk, loud housemates and toxic-smelling first year kitchen.

Find out more on their Instagram here.

Whether you’re a member of a bubble tea cult or fancy throwing a ping pong ball in a cup of beer for fun, spread your wings and mingle at this year’s Freshers’ Fair, with all these amazing societies on offer and more.

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