Missing the pub? Here’s our roadmap back to social drinking

Not even the vaccine certificate can stop us getting back to Spoons

Boris Johnson might have announced that pub landlords could be allowed to ask for proof of vaccination against Covid-19 before entry, but we’re not going to let that stop us. From socially distanced beers on Primrose Hill to a heavy night of pitchers at Spoons, here’s The London Tab’s official roadmap back to social drinking:

29th March: Rule of Six

Only four days to go until you can toast to the end of the “stay at home” order. From 29th March onwards you can meet outdoors with up to six people from outside of your household. It’s the end of term and there are predicted temperatures of 17 degrees, which is the most perfect excuse to grab a drink, picnic blanket & up to six friends and head to one of London’s many parks!

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12th April: Beer Gardens 

We’re nearly there! Soon you’ll be able to regret not bringing an extra jumper as you freeze your arse off in a beer garden smoking area. Both outdoor dining and takeaway drinks will make a return. The rule of six still applies, but tbh if you have more than six friends who even are you? Prom queen?

(Joking, please tell me how – I’ll buy the first round.)

Check out these beer-gardens if you’re struggling for ideas:

  • The Lock Tavern, Camden
  • The Edinboro Castle, Camden
  • Junction Tavern, Kentish Town
  • Stag, Belsize Park
  • The Albion, Barnsbury

17th May: The Pub

Cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars are all set to reopen for indoor dining and drinking on 17th May. Only two households can meet indoors and the rule of six will apply, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining at the fact that in under two months, you’ll be able to drain your bank account all in the name of Spoons’ pitchers and £5 pints.

21st June: Pubs, Clubs and Hugs 

Hello freedom, goodbye social contact rules! If the government sticks to its “Roadmap out of Lockdown,” on 21st June all legal limits on social contact will be removed, meaning the reopening of nightclubs and drinks with as many friends as you want.

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The possibility of vaccine requirements to go to the pub is a massive blow. Currently the Covid-19 vaccine is being given to people over 50, clinically vulnerable people and health or social care workers. The majority of students are at the lowest risk and have been placed in priority group 10, meaning that we might not get the vaccine until late July.

So unfortunately we may have to stick to outdoor drinking and small indoor gatherings for an extra month. But with the right drinks, music and people, who even needs the deafening chaos of the inside of Spoons?

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