Type of Clubber in Lonodn

Quiz: What type of clubber will you be on the 21st June?

Please God just don’t let me be the one with the super low post-lockdown tolerance

Whether a reality or just a crazy UK fantasy led by BoJo, it’s safe to say that everyone is losing their minds over June 21st. And understandably so – if all goes well, we could be back at our favourite club nights and actually be able to *dance* and *drink without a substantial meal* for the first time in almost a year and a half. So, now everyone’s panicking about what type of clubber they’ll be after nearly 18 months out of the clubs and whether likely to embarrass themselves.

But let’s just agree: There’s not an option to be not embarrassing, you haven’t seen a VK or a Jaeger Bomb since last March so you will make a fool of yourself along with every other person in the club, and we are living for it.

Obviously, though, you can guarantee that a few things definitely will not have changed. The same remix of Old Town Road will be played unapologetically on repeat at every club night you attend, and the classic clubber stereotypes will arise from their 2019 graves. You will hear at least five Drake songs that all blend into each other and have at least two drinks poured over you. Meanwhile, the girls’ toilets will still be overflowing as those two girls who just met are now best friends and need 20+ mirror selfies to document their one-night friendship.

The question is: Which type of clubber will you be on the 21st? With the phenomenal plans that everyone’s making it should be an absolute banger, but it will probably just end up being a more hyped-up version of Sport’s Night, and we all know what the regulars that lurk around the dance floor are like. With that in mind, we have designed a fool-proof quiz to determine what long-time clubber you will be identifying with on the night of freedom:

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