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Just 21 memes to celebrate the possibility of clubs opening on 21st June

Is it too early to start prepping my outfit now?

Earlier this afternoon Boris Johnson announced his roadmap to get England out of lockdown and amongst the detailed plans was the very exciting news that nightclubs could be opening by 21st June and everyone on Twitter is creating some quality memes in celebration.

The opening of clubs is part of the fourth stage of the government’s plan. This stages also involves no legal limits on social contact or all life events such as weddings and funerals.

Stage four is subject to review, however everyone on Twitter is taking 21st June as the day and celebrating by creating some top tier memes. From outfit planning, absolute scenes outside pubs and booking off work for 22nd June the memes sum up all of our feelings right now.

These are the funniest 21st June memes to enjoy why you celebrate the news:

1. Just shedding a tear, can’t wait for this

2. This is going to be even better than Freshers

3. No I cannot contain my excitement

4. Honestly, a crime

5. Wake me up in June

6. How does one interact with others?

7. Get those ahoihois ready

8. Yes that’s me sobbing

9. Girlies it’s time

10. Clubs, clubs, clubs

11. Ngl Boris threw us a curveball

12. Can’t even apply mascara anymore

13. What a birthday present

14. The 21st June will now be known as The Official Day of Snogging forever more

15. Go on Emergency Exit Man!!!

16. This will be me

17. I’m on my way

18. Don’t tease me like this Boris

19. Asking for a friend x

20. Modern art

21. To my boss this is your advanced warning that you won’t be seeing me all week

Featured image credit before edits: Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash

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