handforth parish council memes

I do have the authority to share these 33 Handforth Parish Council memes

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Jackie Weaver

The Handforth Parish Council meeting is the gift that keeps on giving and the memes just get better.

Late last night a compilation of a Handforth Parish Council meeting was uploaded to YouTube and the 18 minute video has gone viral. Everyone is obsessed with one woman, Jackie Weaver, expertly shutting down a council member and removing him from the meeting.

The video was filled with many more iconic moments including the council member on Aled’s iPad getting very angry at Jackie’s decision, Julie interrupting the meeting from her iPad and Sue asking people to apologise to Jackie. In short, it’s become a modern classic that will probably be nominated for an Oscar or at least see Jackie on Strictly with Anton Du Beke.

Aside from the video itself being entertaining, people on Twitter have been creating some quality Handforth Parish Council memes and these are 33 of the funniest:

1. Same energy

2. I would take a feminism course taught by Jackie

3. A modern love poem

4. What a banger

5. Personal highlight of the decade

6. Hahahhaha

7. Get it on my forehead

8. Now that would truly be iconic

9. Honestly, twins

10. Not to be dramatic but I would

11. A new national treasure has been born

12. We all have a dark side

13. Jackie must be protected at all costs

14. All I’ve ever wanted

15. Bradley Walsh to play John Smith pls

16. Okkkk Gary, I see what you did there

17. A medieval enactment

18. Put her straight through to the finals

19. I would watch Star Wars if Jackie was involved

20. See you at 6pm x

21. Dying 😂

22. What a novel this would be

23. She has the authority!!

24. Just saying

25. Truth

26. Now Jackie is a politician I would vote for in a heartbeat

27. Did I mention I love her?

28. Get Rylan on this now

29. Lolllll

30. My life is nothing in comparison

31. Of course there’s a woman at yelling at cat version

32. Might it tattooed tbh

33. Honestly, injustice everywhere

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