Quiz: Ok, so which member of the Handforth Parish Council are you really?

I’m Julie’s iPad

The internet was truly blessed this morning with the discovery of the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting and now it’s time to find out which iconic council member you really are with our Handforth Parish Council quiz.

A video of Handforth Parish Council’s meeting in December last year went viral on Twitter earlier today for the intense reactions of many of the council members. Queen of the nation’s hearts Jackie Weaver ended up kicking out council member Brian Tolver off the Zoom. He told her to shut up and that she did not have the authority to remove him, to which she quickly proved she did in fact have the authority.

However we can’t all be Jackie, sometimes you have to accept you’re Aled’s iPad and that’s ok, we’ve all been there. Or perhaps you’re one of the quiet members of the council, you’re like Ian Ball or Sue, who just want to get on with the meeting and cba with the drama. Or maybe you’re the dark horse of the group like Julie on her iPad.

To find out which iconic member of the council you really are, take our Handforth Parish Council quiz:

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