UPDATES: The current status of no detriment policies across London Unis

SOAS and Greenwich have already announced their no detriment policies

Right now, the thing on every student’s mind is whether their university has a no detriment policy. Since March 2020 university conditions have been less than ideal so it is more than understandable for students to be seeking academic security.

We have been investigating the status of the no detriment policy at universities across London to see whether they will be implementing a no detriment policy, another academic mitigation system or if they are just shutting down the notion altogether (Soton style).

We will continue to update this list as soon as we have confirmation each university.

Update LSBU: 8pm 8/1/21

Southbank University has confirmed that it will be putting academic support systems in place for its students.

An academic from LSBU has made the following statement:

“I want to reassure you that where there have been significant gaps in access to key materials, we are taking this into consideration, and adjusting marking guidelines or assessment requirements accordingly. That is to say, I would like you to know that we are not proceeding as though there have been no adjustments where this is required.”

“Further to this, while we are confident that you already have, or very shortly will have, all of the materials required to submit your assessments in the coming weeks, we understand that the loss of some study time over Christmas may leave some of you feeling that the quality of your work has been impacted.

“Therefore, I can confirm that all students will be eligible to resubmit work during the easter resit period, to attempt for a higher mark, should you choose to do so. You will not be required to submit and Extenuating Circumstances claim in order to be allowed to resubmit your work.”

City, UoL

City is looking into the matter but there has not yet been confirmation of what they will be putting in place. There is currently a petition being signed by students in an attempt to lobby the university.

You can sign the petition here.


It has also been announced that Greenwich university will be implementing a no detriment policy this year. Their Vice-Chancellor has committed to the policy and details will be announced in the coming fortnight.


Even though over 2,000 King’s students have signed a petition to reinstate their no detriment policy, the university has made no indication that they will be implementing one. A spokesperson from King’s told the Tab:

“Since September, we have sought to provide some on-campus teaching for all students where it has been safe to do so, alongside access to campus services and facilities. However, the impact of the ongoing pandemic and government restrictions has meant we have not been able to provide on-campus teaching on many programmes for a period, in line with public health and government guidance.

We planned for this approach in 2020/21 and designed our assessments carefully with this in mind. This includes measures to support students when completing assessments, including access to equipment and space. We are committed to ensuring that no student is disadvantaged in their academic outcomes by the disruption caused by the pandemic and have comprehensive arrangements in place for mitigation.

Individual circumstances will be taken fully into account with clear guidance for assessment boards to ensure that we pick up any difficulties or concerns. Students have access to a wide range of online databases, journals, e-books and digital resources to support their learning. We also encourage students to contact their personal tutors for any advice or guidance regarding their education.”


London Southbank students are petitioning for a no detriment policy following on from the cyber attack they have all been affected by for the past month. So far there is no word from the university about implementing a no detriment policy.

You can sign the petition for an LBSU no detriment policy here. 


The status of LSE no detriment is currently unknown. However, a spokesperson from the university made it clear they are doing everything they can to support students with their Hall’s rent. 

LSE Spokesperson:

“Students who are not returning to LSE-managed halls until a later than the scheduled date, due to government advice or travel difficulties, will have their accommodation fees waived until the date they return. Students who do not wish to return to LSE-managed halls this year, and have vacated their accommodation, can have their contract ended and fees halted.

“Otherwise, our halls remain open and have supported students who remained during the winter break and welcomed those returning due to extenuating circumstances.”


The Tab spoke to the Queen Mary’s petition starter who said: “So far the university is failing to deliver on a university-wide no detriment policy but certain departments such as Chemistry, Maths and Business Management are all implementing their own departmental policies.”

To sign the QMUL petition click here.


SOAS are among the two London Universities to confirm that they will be maintaining a no detriment policy.

A spokesperson from SOAS said:

“In terms of academic support, mitigating circumstances & no detriment for students this year, students can take advantage of a simplified Mitigating Circumstances policy to request an extension to their coursework submissions and students will continue to benefit from the No Detriment Policy which we first put in place for Covid in 2019-20 academic year, and adjustments we have made to the marking criteria, specifically to take account of current covid circumstances.

We have also continued actively to provide specialist academic support from our Library, Learning and Teaching Innovation (LLTI) team, and wellbeing support from our SAAW team – all of which can be accessed remotely, including accessing 1-1 wellbeing support.”


UAL is currently developing its response following the latest government lockdown.

A spokesperson from UAL said:

“We are still working through our plans in the light of the latest government announcement of the new national lockdown. We cannot give any specifics at the moment but we will do everything we possibly can to support our students during these challenging times.”


UCLM Vice-Provost Antony Smith made a statement to students on the 6th of January stating they are revising and revisiting the no detriment policy. The UCL Students’ Union has also taken steps to lobby the university to help students fighting for no detriment to be reinstated.

For more information on the current steps being taken by UCL click here. 

The Tab has also contacted Imperial College London, Birkbeck and Goldsmiths university but they are yet to comment on any academic policies for this year.