LSE waives rent for students who will not be returning to campus

LSE will be allowing students to have their fees waived or end their contract

Following the news of a third national lockdown, and advice from the government against travel, LSE has announced that students not returning to campus will not have to pay rent and that students have a couple of options to choose from regarding this.

This announcement also follows on from LSE moving all teaching online for the rest of the year, due to the pandemic.

This is a huge step for students at LSE, many of whom have been planning to take part in a rent strike (see @lserentstrike on Instagram), along with other universities across the country.

In a statement from a spokesperson from LSE, the following details are provided:

“Students who are not returning to LSE-managed halls until a later than scheduled date, due to government advice or travel difficulties, will have their accommodation fees waived until the date they return. Students who do not wish to return to LSE-managed halls this year, and have vacated their accommodation, can have their contract ended and fees halted.”

The statement continues:

“Otherwise, our halls remain open and have supported students who remained during the winter break and welcomed those returning due to extenuating circumstances.”

So students now have the option to either have their fees waived until they return to their accommodation, of end their contracts early if they have no intention of returning. If this news affects you, keep an eye out for more news and information about this from The Tab London and LSE.