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Someone ordered 3,600 face masks to UCL halls in wake of coronavirus

They ordered 3,600 moulded valve face masks


A UCL student at Goldsmid House has received 72 boxes of nose and mouth covering face masks that were ordered to the halls this week.

72 boxes were delivered to Goldsmid postgraduate halls on Monday evening. Each box contained 50 masks, making the total amount 3,600 face masks delivered to one person.

A Goldsmid House staff member told The London Tab: "On Monday evening I witnessed over 40 boxes of face masks delivered." When asked if he believed it was due to coronavirus epidemic, he said: "I presume so, yes."

The student the masks were addressed to is setting up a business with a friend, who ordered the masks to Goldsmids, to export the masks to china to help people affected by coronavirus.

Another student staying at Goldsmid house witnessed the full 72 boxes being delivered.

The coronavirus is a virus which has hit the headlines in the last week, originating in Wuhan, China. It has left thousands infected and 130 dead.

It has recently reportedly spread to France, Canada and the United States, and led to cities in China being locked down.

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