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So many people fell for the library April Fools joke that UCL have intervened

BUT there are another 150 library spaces!

Earlier this week, we published a story saying that UCL were going to ban freshers from the library this exam season.

Unfortunately, this was a cruel joke played by us to celebrate everybody's most-feared holiday of the year, April Fools' Day.

We can confirm that freshers, everybody's favourite library inhabitants, obviously haven't been banned.

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The Main Library will remain fresher-filled

This might not have been clear to everyone, though. We received an email from UCL today regarding the article. Apparently official members of UCL staff have been asked – presumably by freshers with a keen nose for age-based discrimination – whether or not the library ban story is true!

Acknowledgement from UCL signifies a prank gone right – but nonetheless, to appease any frightened readers, we have now added a more obvious clarification that UCL have no plans to ban first-year students from libraries (at least, not as far as we know…).

And in the meantime, if the fear in your heart from reading our article hasn't gone away, feel free to find yourself a study space and get revising – especially now that the Pop-up Library has opened in the Main Quad with 150 extra spaces.

And that's not a joke… promise!