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UCL libraries to ban first years during exam period


Following weeks of deliberation, UCL Library Services have announced that in order to maximise efficiency of space, first-years will be banned from the UCL Main Library and Science Library.

The initiative, which remains a pilot this year, will involve access to the libraries using a first-year student card being revoked until the end of the May exam period.

If the pilot this year is successful, it is expected that similar initiatives will be rolled out across all UCL Library spaces next year.

Third-year Biochemistry student James Tucker said, "This plan is way overdue. We were all freshers at some point and let's be honest, libraries can be quite seductive spaces."

"But now that I'm not a fresher, I realise how thoughtless I was back then to take up a space that is really needed by students in second and third year – who really need to study! I'm glad that the temptation to occupy spaces not meant for them has been taken away."

James' sentiment was echoed other second and third year students, but not everyone is so happy.

Leah Bough, a first-year in the Crime Sciences department said "It's a ridiculous idea. Freshers have work to do! Just because first year marks don't count much, doesn't mean my exams don't mean just as much as other people's!"

The official statement from UCL Library Services is as follows: "After thorough discussions, starting today first-year UCL student cards will not grant access to either the UCL Main Library or Science Library.

It is not an ideal decision, but due to the lack of library seats at UCL, it has been deemed a necessary measure. I hope all students will bear with us as we iron out any issues with our new approach. Happy revising!"

Before you get too happy, this is a APRILS FOOLS JOKE! Unfortunately, Freshers are definitely still allowed in the library.