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These are UCL’s best dressed grads for 2018

These grads all have the back-up career option of being MY PERSONAL STYLIST

Graduation: perhaps the only day of one's student life that you need to look good. Last week, thousands of soon-to-be UCL graduates swarmed the South Bank for their graduation ceremonies at the Royal Festival Hall – and these grads definitely didn't miss the memo! From snappy suits, to gorgeous gowns, these are UCL's best dressed graduates in 2018.


If I could dress like this, I'm not sure I'd even need a degree to be honest. Petition to add 'best-dressed' as criteria for Dean's List inclusion?


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I made it. The 3 words almost everyone was saying, either in their heads or to their family and friends. I know I was certainly saying it as I looked around the auditorium at all the other graduates awaiting their name to be called and their hands to be shaken by the Vice Provost. It was quite surreal to look around and call these people my peers. I was one of the people graduating from UCL. I did it. I got a First from a world class university. Definitely would not have believed that would happen as I began studying my A Levels a few years ago. It’s been one hell of a ride, with a lot of tears, stress, and worry. But, during the last 3 years, there has also been a lot of laughter, unforgettable moments, and certainly a personal evolution. And it wasn’t without my incredible family. They consistently listened to my constant worries and tolerated all my stress. They always encouraged and reminded me that I could do it. They told me that if I had gotten into UCL there was no reason I couldn’t do as well as many previous graduates had. If they could do it, why couldn’t I? I, as many thousands of UCL students, got in because we deserved to and we were going to achieve as much as we wanted to. So it is to them that I thank for helping me and supporting me through all of the hard times and laughing with me through all the fun and embarrassing times. You are all my rock and as I stood up at the end of the ceremony with the other graduates to give our families a round of applause, I realised that it is not an “I did it”, but a “we did it”, because I couldn’t have done it without you ♥️ #UCLgrad

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Arwa's headscarf-trouser colour co-ordination is blowing our minds with how perfectly matched it is.


Looks like we're not the only ones loving Lana's dress!


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It’s been a good ride. G out #uclgrad

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Giulia is taking power-dressing to a new level.


Did you really graduate from UCL if you don't have a classic quad steps photo?


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BA Philosophy and Economics ? #uclgrad

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The importance of coordinating your accessories was not lost on Sofia.


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I did it!!! ??‍? #uclgrad

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The weather may be awful (it's London, what do you expect), but Rachel's pretty-in-pink ensemble makes a dreary day… well, slightly less dreary!


Something tells me that Natalie likes flowers… We would too, if we could rock floral prints this well.


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So I just graduated from UCL Laws ??‍?#uclgrad18

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I can't be the only one hearing Georgia's outfit scream "hire me," right?


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Hush puppies #uclgrad18 #CarrotOrStick

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Are dogs accessories? Can they be? Because if they can, Hye definitely wins best dressed in our opinion.


And last but not least, we have Francesca taking the flower crown to entirely new levels.