The nine best ways to procrastinate during deadline season

I was too busy procrastinating to think of a tenth

It’s that time of the year when we are all supposed to be hard at work, revising. But let’s be honest, we’re all looking for ways to get out of it.

Never fear, we have your back. So without further ado here are, a few tips on how to procrastinate.

Being a responsible adult and providing yourself with all the equipment you need to revise  

So, you sit down in the library ready to start working – but wait, you don’t have a pen! How can you work without a pen? (Ignore the fact that you have a laptop in front of you).

How much time can you waste buying a new pen? Five minutes? Ten minutes? But here’s the thing, you don’t just need a new pen, you need highlighters and gel pens, you want to make your notes more exciting. Maybe you need tape or pins to stick your notes up around your room. Now you need a board to stick your notes on …. As you can see the possibilities are endless if you really put your mind to it.

Creating a revision play list

Now everyone knows the right music can help you concentrate. So to get good exam results you need to make a revision play list, right? To get the best songs possible you absolutely have to go through all your other play lists, and just to be safe, maybe even spend a couple of hours going through Spotify as well.  Wow you’re dedicated to revising!

Making sure you are well rested

You remember at school how teachers always used to tell us that to do well in exams we had to sleep for eight to nine hours a night? Clearly, more sleep means we will do even better in exams. So, feel free to take a nap in the middle of reading your notes, it’s only going to help you!

Keeping fit

An easier way of getting blood to the brain

I realise that for some people exercise is like breathing; but, if you’re like me and consider walking up the stairs your daily work out, maybe it’s time to get fit? After all, getting more oxygen to your brain is good for you. After you’ve gone “jogging” (five minutes counts, right?) you can reward yourself with some time to sunbathe.

Providing yourself with actual nutrients  

After all that exercising, oh, and studying, you’re going to be hungry.  Now as your brain has been working so hard you can’t eat the usual tinned stuff. No, you have to venture into the fresh produce section and spend a lot of time examining identical lettuces, debating which one will be better.

After that you should start feeling up avocados with a smug look on your face that says “yes I can tell if it’s ripe” when really you have no idea.

Reviving the long-lost art of baking

Now that you have eaten all those yummy vegetables (the only reason you didn’t throw half your salad away was that you paid a fortune for the stupid vegetables), you deserve some sugar. Clearly this is the time to revive your long-lost baking skills.

Obviously you can’t pick a cake that takes too long to make as you are busy revising. Cheesecake only takes 24 hours to make- Brilliant!

A little bit of relaxation

All that baking, I mean revising, was exhausting – you deserve a break.  Watching one episode on Netflix won’t do any harm. Oh wait, I should have said: don’t start a new series! Too late.

Helping others  

During this stressful time, it is your moral duty to support your friends. This means you should be sending each other a good dose of motivational messages/memes every day. It’s okay that if sometimes you go off the topic of studying and start chatting about the new Netflix series you started. In fact, it’s a good thing – it means you’re are helping to distract your friend from her worries.  God, you’re just too considerate.

Keeping up to date with current affairs

It’s important not to immerse yourself in your revision so much so that you lose track of what is happening in the outside world. So, take a few minutes out and look at the news. Of course, there is news on Facebook (so what if it’s fake).

So with these tips, you should be all set to procrastinate like a pro – and even if you don’t think so, you’ve successfully wasted five minutes reading this.