UCLU defends BDS decision

They say the decision was legitimate

UCLU released an official statement yesterday defending it’s decision to pass a motion on Monday which has been the subject of great controversy, being deemed as ‘Anti-Israeli’.

The Union’s response has argued: “All members of UCLU Council are elected by the student body” and that members “voted in favour of this motion with a 14 to 4 majority”.


The full statement is here:

UCLU Council passed a Motion: In support of BDS at UCLU  (UCL login required) at its meeting yesterday evening (8 March 2016).  UCLU Council is made up of elected student officers and representatives who debate and decide what UCLU should take a stance on and determine UCLU policy.  The members of UCLU Council voted in favour of this motion with a 14 to 4 majority.  All members of UCLU Council are elected by the student body.  Any UCLU member can put forward motions to UCLU Council as well as contribute towards the policy debates at meetings of UCLU Council.  More information about policy and motions is available online.
Any members who feel concerned should seek support from the support services available .

However critics have argued that because many students were unaware of the motion it has been past undemocratically. There has also been concerns of linking the Union to the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement that allegedly has ‘anti-semitic foundations’.

The motion stipulates that UCLU will “no longer stock any products boycotted by the BDS  movement in any union sales outlet, not advertise nor endorse them”.

A petition has been set up calling for the motion to be discussed at General Assembly – where all students can vote.