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Meet the team that will crush the KCL lacrosse team this Sunday night

With nicknames like ‘Cardinal’ and ‘Roo-dog’, what could go wrong?

Women’s Hockey set to take King’s down

A contest between David and Goliath

UCLU Muay Thai Prepares for War Ahead of Saturday’s Varsity Showdown

One of them was raised by badgers

UCL ranked top three for Archaeology, Architecture and Education in the WORLD

We’re the number one place to study Education

This is the UCLU Men’s Hockey team playing on the opening night of Varsity

‘We won it last year and we’re ready to do it again’

UCLU accused of ‘hypocrisy’ for cutting cleaner contracts and paying less than London Living Wage

This is despite a pledge to support and campaign for their rights at UCL

UCL Take Me Out: Meet the Boys

Any takers?

FriendsFest is coming back to London

How you doin’?

Meet the girls taking part in UCL Take Me Out

Let the U C the L

Introducing The Tab London power list

These guys basically run UCL

Parliament set to debate on cutting tuition fees back to £3,000 after over 100,000 people sign petition

Bring back grants

We want YOU to write for The Tab London

It’s an opportunity like no other

UCL students refuse to pay rent in protest over ‘social cleansing’

Last year’s concessions weren’t enough

London least affordable city to start life as a graduate

No surprises there…

Donate Tampons: Homeless women can’t afford to have periods.

There’s a gig to raise money next Tuesday

Calls for UJS to suspend working-relationship with NUS over Malia’s alleged ‘anti-semitic tropes’

She’s refused to accept her remarks were anti-semitic

Student assaulted on campus by man who ‘felt like f***ing everything up’.

The man was arrested by police.

Workers’ oppression and environmental abuse: The companies the NUS supports

In stark contrast to their rhetoric

Revealed: UCL used animals in 200,000 scientific procedures in 2015

Over 200,000 procedures were carried out on animals last year

UCL is the eighth best British university for employability

King’s beat us!

A UoL catered hall has served worm infested food to students

Don’t eat the potatoes…

Meat Free Mondays to be stopped with immediate effect

Following the passing of a motion at tonight’s Union Council Meeting

Everything you see at Loop at midday

‘It’s basically like an up-market Wetherspoons’

The pro-Palestinian activists and Friends of Palestine have since defended their actions

Friends of Israel and UJS have condemned their actions

London voted the best city in the world…if you’re a hedge fund manager

Students can’t afford it

SOAS has denied involvement in alleged attempts to ‘evict’ Hare Krishna from campus

The Hare Krishna group maintain officials told them to move

Exclusive: SOAS are evicting the Hare Krishna free food stall

Nearly 700 students get a free meal here everyday

Bloomsbury Theatre set to reopen in November 2018

That’s still over two years away…

Students suffering from mental illness say the stigma is the hardest thing to deal with

‘You just don’t want something like this to affect your future’

A protest to ‘save London’s nightlife’ is happening this Saturday

Nearly 4,000 people are going

Investment banks pay their interns a £30,000 salary

Nearly double what a law firm intern makes

Escort offers students 30 per cent discount for her ‘services’ if they show their NUS card

She said: ‘If I don’t do it they’re going to go somewhere else’

Belfast is one of the best unis for student experience in the country

Almost 90 per cent per cent of students enjoyed the life

Edinburgh is one of the worst unis in the country for student experience

The Good University Guide found that nearly a fifth of students didn’t enjoy the uni life

Norwich is the seventh worst uni for student experience in the country

The Good University Guide found that just under a quarter of students didn’t enjoy the uni life

Dundee is the seventh best uni for student experience in the country

Because we’re so good looking obviously

St. Andrews is the second best uni in the country for having a good time

The Good University Guide found that 91 per cent of students enjoyed the uni life

Revealed: The universities offering the best student experience

Basically it’s who’s having more fun

A Camden vicar wants to turn his church into a ‘live music venue’

He said: ‘Jesus turned water into wine for a reason’

A Belfast Cafe has introduced the Donald Trump Sandwich, and it has a small pickle

It includes ‘loads of baloney’

Now even the NUS are accusing Malia Bouattia of being antisemitic

Prominent figures say Jewish students’ voices are being dismissed

Malia Bouattia thinks safe spaces are actually good for free speech

Apparently the Government has done more to limit free speech on campus

UCL’s quality of teaching is one of the worst in the U.K, according to Good University Guide

It was ranked the eighth worst in the country

A guide to UCL’s favourite nights out

Obviously Loop made the cut

A fashion fresher is going to rent this house in Mayfair for £4,000-a-week

Neighbours will include the Qatari Royal Family

Archaeology students have trigger warnings for when they’re scared of bones

It might trigger psychological trauma in some students

UCL is the 10th best uni in the country according to a new league table

King’s came in 21st

Oxford is the second best uni in the UK, says new rankings

Pipped to the post by Cambridge

Nearly a fifth of Camden takeaways failed their food hygiene inspection

The fail rate was above the national average

Bristol makes top 100 in Times World Rankings

UWE came in the top 600

Oxford is officially the best university in the world, according to Times Higher Education

Suck on that Cambridge

Here’s how QUB deals with cases of sexual assault and harassment

A ‘bystander intervention initiative’ is currently being developed

Malia Bouattia created ‘one rule for Jews, another for everyone else’

They say she doesn’t listen to their concerns

Lecturer who accused Noble Prize-winning scientist of sexism has her course cut

Apparently her course was really unpopular.

Malia Bouattia: ‘I’m not anti-semitic, I’ve been misunderstood’

She says people needs to ‘break down’ what she means

London students most likely to be swiped right on Tinder

Other unis just couldn’t compete

White and privileged: These are the City Airport Black Lives Matter protesters

Three of them live on a Houseboat called ‘Northern Soul’

There’s a rent strike event in London all weekend

Activities include BBQs, Banner-Making and How to Deal with the Media

Three hours of exercise a week could reduce damage caused by alcohol

A study found being physically active lowered risk of diseases

Lecturers need to ‘man up’ and tell students how to deal with challenging ideas

Safe-spaces and Trigger warnings not only limit education but also threaten free-speech

Emily Thornberry just used a ‘sexism’ argument to save face

And by doing it she merely trivialised a global problem

Consent ‘conversations’ to be held for Freshers’ Week

They’re designed to encourage students to “ask questions and be more actively engaged”

Oxford’s Bullingdon Club is facing extinction

The Club hasn’t been able to attract enough members in recent years

How UCL deals with cases of sexual harassment and assault

Nearly half a million adults are raped each year

The Tories are creating an Office for Students and this is what it means

It might revolutionise the U.K.’s Higher Education sector, but probably not

The Black Lives Matter spokesman once blacked up as a minstrel

He said he was ‘going for the dark skinned asian look’

No Offence is relaunching: ‘It’s about getting people to think’

Censorship is ‘completely the opposite of what a University ought to be’

Exeter ranks in the top 200 universities globally

Over 900 unis were included in the rankings

Leeds ranked in the top 100 unis in the world

We were ranked 15th best place to study Geography

Birmingham is in the world’s top 100 unis

We’re 82nd

Edinburgh climbs two places in global rankings

We are also the top university in Scotland

Glasgow is in the top 100 universities in the world

But where was Strathy

Warwick comes 51st in global rankings

We dropped three places

Manchester climbs four spots in world rankings

We’re 29th globally

UCL remains in top ten in QS World University Rankings

We have been named the best university in London

Aberdeen ranked in top 150 unis in the world

We were ranked 141st best university

Lancaster ranked in top 150 universities in the world

We were ranked 15th best university to study Linguistics

St. Andrews ranked top 80 in the world

Although we dropped nine places

LGBT+ Officer said she sympathised with the Taliban and condemns U.S. Army

Shahid describes the U.S. army as ‘thick-skulled soldiers’

The NUS has to admit it’s out of touch with students

£60,000 on a demo, and none of us really know why

A new video shows Malia Bouattia praising an Anti-Israeli group’s resistence

Malia says she ‘draws strength’ from their struggle

Brain vs Board: Academics’ OPPOSITION to UCL Management

They worry that UCL’s financial reforms could impair students’ research

A chat with the owners of London’s oldest pie and mash shop

‘I’ve never actually tried jellied eels, they’re just not my bag’

UCLU Officer makes Inspirational Video on how to Succeed

Asad Khan describes himself as a “Success Strategist”.

Open Day March forces UCL to offer Rent Cut

The concession comes after six months of rent strike

We asked a British beef farmer about the rise of veganism

‘We’re omnivorous – meat should be eaten as part of a balanced diet to get the nutrients we need’

Open Day Protest tomorrow

The “Mass Mobilisation” is an ultimatum for UCL to cut students’ rent

UCLU Trustees “dilly-dallying” with students’ welfare

Students withholding rent are at risk of not finding anywhere to live for next year

“Super-high rent” forced student to reject UCL

UCL costed too much for this straight-A student

Rent Strikers WIN compensation from UCL

This is the second year in a row that UCL has paid compensation to Campbell House West residents.

High fees have made us into consumers, and worse human beings

University isn’t just a springboard to a well-paid career

Notorious club night Good Life is coming to London

It’s a Summer of Love themed party

Students have written open letter calling for UCL to leave NUS

The letter argues that the NUS is ‘highly undemocratic’

Fees could rise to more than £9k with new Government reforms

Universities with good teaching quality may charge more

University of London panel calls for the DESTRUCTION of Israel

The panel was addressing the problem of antisemitism within the Labour party


This is the second time in two weeks

Staggering results show three-quarters of students want to leave the NUS

According to a Tab poll of 6,500 people

Ceiling COLLAPSES in UCL Hall of Residence

The ceiling had been reported to UCL two months ago.

A Veggie’s Guide to FastFood

Spoiler: KFC doesn’t really cater for vegetarians.

NUS Press Officer throws a paddy at student journalist 15 years younger than him

He called him ‘dishonest’

The NUS want to ban Yik Yak

Today the app introduced safe spaces