Could Kanye West be joining us in Loop tonight?

That shit cray

According to Yik Yak, Kanye West is set to turn up to Loop tonight, a la Justin Bieber a month ago.

The multimillionare rap artist is rumoured to be turning up at the popular freshers spot, eliciting excitement for his UCL fanbase.

Rumours started to speculate after someone said Kanye was set to hit our West-London sports night, causing mass hysteria on the anonymous, location-based messaging app.


Fuel was added to the fire by people claiming they had more information about Kanye’s supposed trip.


It soon became fairly clear Kanye wasn’t in fact heading to Loop, but people continued speculating about his movements.


A taste for the finer things

A taste for the finer things

Some even speculated why Kanye had chosen Loop as his destination, opting for London over anywhere else.


It’s fairly certain Kanye won’t be making an appearance, but it’s a nice idea. Fresher Anjum Chowdury said: “I would love him to be here. I’d hate the disappointment if he isn’t.”

Meanwhile, fellow fresher, Khalil Zaman questioned, “Will Kim Kardashian be there?”

Others were – rightly – more skeptical and even annoyed. Niusha Bonakdarian said “If he is there I will leave” and Josh Britton added: “It’s definitely bull.”

Let’s be honest, you won’t be seeing Kanye at Loop, will you?