Calvin Law

Calvin Law
London University


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There’s more to Cally Road than the constant Tube closures

It’s an awesome place to live

Rivalry is dead, live in intercollegiate halls

It’s good to expand your horizons

UCL launches new £50 million research fund

New tech fund seeks to benefit ‘society as a whole’

London is getting the world’s biggest slide this spring

It’s only going to be a fiver a go

UCL libraries to be open 24/7 during exam period

A collective sigh of relief throughout Bloomsbury

Justin Bieber announces London tour dates

But will he be at Loop again?

Man allegedly ‘pushed’ under train at Kentish Town Tube station

Apparently it was deliberate

Could Kanye West be joining us in Loop tonight?

That shit cray

I popped my Roxy cherry and it was terrible

I don’t get the hype

It’s going to snow in London this weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Employers vote us the sixth best uni in the UK

And we’re 30th in the world

Macer Gifford will speak at UCL in two weeks’ time


The Union were wrong to ban Macer Gifford from speaking

Letting him speak isn’t condoning his actions

Crowd gathers at Caledonian Road tube station to protest planned closure

It’s being closed for eight months from January

The amazing moment Justin Bieber was at Loop

Of all places

I tried the UCLU Pole Fitness Society and it wasn’t a complete disaster

Had the time of my life

I tried out the Yoncé Appreciation Society

They’re set to run the world

Glorious £25m Student Centre to be built on Bloomsbury campus

Shame most of us will miss it