Pugs not drugs: We celebrated the end of exams by going to a pug club in Regents Park

One of them was called Pugsta the Pugmeister


What better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon than to go for a stroll in Regent’s Park, and what could possibly be better than discovering a dozen pugs along the way?



Everyone loves pugs, the little alien looking creatures have crept in to the hearts of thousands, from Frank the talking pug in Men In Black, to Percy the Pug in Pocahontas, the little balls of love are everywhere, and a perfect way to celebrate the end of a long hard month of exams, by visiting their very own pug meet-up.


My personal stash of pug memorabilia

Regents Park

Regents Park

As you top the hill towards The Hub in Regents Park, a kaleidoscope of black and fawn fills your vision, and as you get closer you notice the huge eyes and crumpled faces synonymous with pugs.

What you are witnessing is one of several pug-clubs in London. One of the owners, Jasper, told us: “We meet on the third Saturday of every month in Regents Park, there’s a few other groups that go to Green Park and other places too, but Toby likes the other pugs here.”

The variety of pug was endless, young and old, big and little, active and lazy, extrovert and introvert. There was adorable bonding, occasional fights and a lot of attempted humping.

10705285_10204881762229571_1824651442_nBen Foreman, a first year at UCL and one of the Pug owners said: “There’s simply no pet like a pug. I could literally sit and watch Bertie all day, he’s so funny.

“We have a labrador as well and he gives him a real run for his money. I think it’s a misconception that they’re lazy dogs. Whilst you see Doug the Pug on YouTube dressed as a burrito and chilling out in minion pyjamas, they’re not all like that. Bertie’s a nut job.”

It quickly becomes apparent that Ben is right, as the miniature doggies roll around the floor and pin each other down. They get hyper in waves and it seems every few minutes of fun requires five minutes of recovery.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 17.08.13

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 17.07.21

Ben’s sister Sarah Foreman added: “There’s normally about 20 pugs here, but sometimes there can be up to around 30. I went to the meet at Green Park last Christmas and there were about 40 of them in Christmas outfits all playing together.”



Here are just some of the pugs who had dragged their owners from all four corners of London to meet up with their pedigree chums.

Jackie and Hugo


Joana, Lily and Violet


Ben and Bertie


Gemma and Elsa


Every party has a gate crasher…

 Anita and Dodo


Laura and Duke


Duke was born in Hong Kong


Andre and Pugsta


I didn’t choose the pug life