UCL grads are the top ten most employable in the country

You’re not as employable as your mate at Cardiff

Nerdy number-crunchers at The Complete University Guide have released their graduate prospect league table this week, letting us all know how likely it is we’ll be turning to job seekers allowance when we stumble in to the real world.

UCL has been placed 9th on the list with a score of 877 which doesn’t really translate in to a anything at all for most of us, but trails Imperial’s winning 943.

The top 20

The top 20

The rankers claim that the list is compiled by assessing: “the number of graduates who take up employment or further study divided by the total number of graduates with a known destination expressed as a percentage.”


The list shockingly puts UCL behind Cardiff in a shock slap-in-the-face, but at least Strand Poly were humbled being placed at 15th, behind globally renowned Robert Gordon from Aberdeen.

Meanwhile, Oxbridge have failed to top the list in their traditional way, as Imperial and St. George’s head-up the ranks echoing that medicine is the most employable degree you could embark on.