UCL is better than Oxbridge

It’s a fact

UCL is today celebrating as government analysis of research at UK universities puts it ahead of traditional heavy weights Oxford and Cambridge.

This accolade brings with it an extra £7.5 million of extra funding annually, on top of the £131 million it already receives.

Super BNOC Michael Arthur was elated with the award, telling Gulf News that, “We have two reasons to celebrate, the historic news about the research was one, but we also were delighted in November to have a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine when Professor John O’Keefe was honoured for his work on the place cells in the hypocampus part of the brain, which act as the brain’s GPS system and are fundamental to how animals understand how to move around in any space.”

Which is just a really long sentence.


New research at UCL includes looking in to whether frontoparietal representations of task context support the flexible control of goal-directed cognition, and psychometric properties of the drive for muscularity attitudes among Irish men.

I understood every word

I understood every word

Michael Arthur finished by saying, “London is the only place in Europe that can achieve becoming an intellectual power house, with universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Kings, Imperial and others all close by and able to contribute and drive London forward.”

But really, who needs any of them?