Freshers launch ‘Yoncé Appreciation Society’ at UCL

They’re creating ‘Independent Women’s Day’

Die hard Beyoncé superfans are putting their love for Queen B on top as they launch an appreciation society in her name. 

Freshers Smera Kumar and Stella Guesnet, who eat, sleep and breathe Beyonce, have just got the official green light on the ‘Yoncé Appreciation Society’, (because, ‘Y.A.S.’, in their own words, is far more “chic and ghetto-fab” than plain old B.A.S).

Y.A.S. will commence at UCL in the next academic year, and while its primary focus is on the A-list pop diva, the society is designed to cover “so much more.”

Despite initially receiving skepticism, the society has now been successfully affiliated and more than 130 UCLers have signed up in its favour.

And after UCL hosted the “How to be Beyoncé” talk, by KCL’s Dr Madison Moore, the buzz for Bey is bigger than ever.


First year Arts and Sciences student, co-founder and President of Y.A.S., Smera Kumar, says: “I’m obsessed with Queen B and I think that she is universally adored for being such a powerhouse in whatever she does.

“So many people can relate to her journey and what she stands for.

“Plus shes flawless. I mean, have you seen her ass?”

Taking inspiration from Beyonce’s humanitarian and feminist efforts, Y.A.S. will encompass all sorts of global issues, not just as an excuse to sit around and jam to Crazy in Love (although don’t worry, there should be a fair bit of that too).

Smera says: “You absolutely don’t even have to be a massive Beyoncé fan to join.

“If you’re primarily interested in getting involved with volunteering, or issues such as feminism, race, LGBT awareness – this is all relevant to Y.A.S.”

Smera and Stella plan to set up a ‘BeyGood’ style volunteering scheme and celebrate an “Independent Women’s Day”, as well as getting the society actively involved in Black History Month.

But in true Mrs. Carter style, they’ll work and play hard with regular trips to Beyoncé/Jay-Z themed club nights; a Blow style roller-rink Social; Beyoncé themed dance workshops, and an end of year ‘We Bey All Night’ party.


Whether it sounds like a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, Y.A.S. has the ambition to cure so many students of their extra-curricular ailments.

Co-founder Smera adds: “Somebody even told us that we’d answered their lifelong prayer.”

Y.A.S will be opening committee positions in the upcoming months. It’s probably about time all universities jumped aboard the Bey-wagon, it’ll be the best thing you never had.