Our provost is one of the highest paid VCs in the country

Over four hundred UCL chiefs are on six figure salaries

UCL bigwigs are the highest earning of any university in the UK and rake in a combined wage bill of up to £25 million.

Provost Michael Arthur alone earns a massive £391,660.


Friday night mandy is on Michael

A report by University and College Union published this morning reveals a whopping 429 UCL top staff are £100K or more.

The breakdown of expenses across all UK campuses shows thirty senior post-holders rake in up to £250K-per-year at UCL.

UCL has far more chiefs on six figure salaries than anywhere else – thirteen more than Oxford, who come second on the list.

The report goes on to reveal UCL refused to disclose minutes of its remuneration committee meetings, meaning students have no clue if university chiefs help decide their own exorbitant salaries.

UCU’s report says seven in 10 vice-chancellors sit on the committee that sets their pay or can attend the meeting – but UCL refused a series of Freedom of Information requests to find out more.