Shocking figures reveal uni top brass rake in over £20 MILLION a year

Drinks on the Provost

• Provost gets £360k a year…with a swanky grace-and-favour flat

• 114 people on more than £160k – ten times the salary of cleaners

• Higher paid staff wages could pay for 16,000 years of Spotify Premium

Fat cats are lapping up the cream at UCL, with more than 100 people earning over £160k.

The amount of wadded wallets has risen by 25% to 114 over the past year.

Cash-rich, asset-rich, just about every kind of rich

Cash-rich, asset-rich, just about every kind of rich

The outrageous figures, published in the UCL’s Financial Statement for 2014, paint a grim picture of inequality at the second richest university in the country.

Moneybags Michael Arthur takes home an eye-watering £360k-a-year with a free flat to boot, with college moneymen only managing to spare £16k-a-year (less than the London Living Wage) for the outsourced staff who clean his office.


Deal with it

The Provost’s salary is 22 times that of the staff on the lowest pay grade, and the combined salaries of those who earn more than £160k totals more than £20 million.

That list of absolute ballers in full

That list of absolute ballers in full

UCL Defend Education say that this money could pay for “2,222 full tuition fee charges, 16,000 years of Spotify Premium, or a massive pay rise for lots of hard-working UCL staff members”.

College’s belt-tightening when it comes to the majority of its 11,000 strong staff – who have seen their pay cut by almost 10 per cent in real terms over the past five years – comes despite it being in an even stronger financial position compared to 2013/14.

Incomes from academic fees, the second largest source of college revenue behind big-bucks research grants and contracts, rose by 22% over the year while college’s operational surplus almost DOUBLED in the same period.

Sketchley loves a withering put-down

Sketchley loves a withering put-down

UCLU’s Democracy & Communications Officer, Hannah Sketchley, gave a scathing critique of the figures and told The Tab: “It is obscene that those who are non-elected and entirely unaccountable to the student body, who work directly counter to our collective interests for most of the time, are paid so highly.”

“The university as a whole would simply cease to function without its cleaners and its support staff; they should not be the lowest paid here.”

Despite the massive imbalance in pay, the UCL Financial Statement promises to focus on “valuing our staff and delivering on equality and diversity.”

As long as they don’t want more than £16k a year…