Now greedy uni bosses sell you rip-off bedding…with a 100% mark-up

Union hacks think UCL is fleecing you

Profiteering UCL Residences are exploiting naive freshers by charging double the going rate for a pack of everyday essentials. 

A linen pack available to incoming residents of halls includes a bare minimum of a duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillowcase, sheet, towel and hand-towel – and is sold for an extortionate £50.

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The same items would only cost £25 if bought individually from a supermarket…but because halls managers buy wholesale, costs will be even lower and profits even higher.

UCLU’s recently elected Halls and Accommodation Rep David Dahlborn publicised the swindle on his Facebook page earlier this week, complaining that he couldn’t afford one when he had been in halls.

The baffled leftie hit out against UCL’s daylight robbery, asking whether the linen was “lined with silk or alpaca or gold”.


Dahlborn being a bloody legend

Commenting on the post, union BME Officer Hajera Begum pointed out that the same items were available for a total of £25 from ASDA.

Dahlborn told The Tab: “I genuinely believe that UCL is trying to rip off students”.

“You can get everything in that pack from Argos for half the price and UCL must be able to buy the packs at a wholesale price which is much lower than that.”

“Where is the profit from this swindle going? – That’s what I’d like to know!”

“Universities are for students not for profit, but this is a prime example that UCL is not run according to this principle.”

The Residences office declined to comment when contacted by The Tab.