UCL Students All Weird Night-Owls According To Study Website

Students in London work harder than a pack of beavers on a hot day building a dam in the middle of the Amazon

rownd a rownd studying ucl

According to online student-lecturer engagement platform Blikbook, students in London work “significantly harder” than those in other cities, with UCL students staying up all night to get the work done.

The survey, reported by the National Student,  shows that between the ungodly hours of 1am and 2am students from our uni are most likely to use the site, with 11pm to 6am being generally busy times. The attendance figures at establishments like The Loop and Moonies may dispute these figures, however.


We are almost too good at studying.


It seems like students at university in London are more likely to be studying when others around the country are doing ridiculous things like eating and sleeping.

The news may also come as a shock to those (we at The Tab included) who, end-of-term panic aside, usually decide to pack it in after 9pm to watch Homeland, Fresh Meat or catch up on their fave soaps (ours is Welsh language channel S4C’s Rownd a Rownd). It’s too late to concentrate then anyway, right?


Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.


An anonymous fourth year SSEES History student reacted furiously to this news by declaring the only scholars worthy of his attention in the hours after the 9 o’clock news were that of “Sir Samuel of Buca, Mr T-Quila, Miss Vanessa Odka, Dame Sandria Gria and Dr. Lee-Mon Cello”.

The report, which takes time spent per student on its website as proportionate to a student’s total time spent studying, analysed data from 29 universities. It concluded a ‘hard-driven, competitive environment’ made London students recognise the importance of ‘hard work and good results’.


Definitely somewhere we will never ever have to visit ever as a result of our great work ethic


Spending an incredible average of 348 minutes per week on the site and an average visit duration of 116 minutes, The Tab would like to congratulate and thank those responsible for these hard grafted hours. And maybe also those who just always forget to log out.