How To Get Around Campus With UCLU Parkour

Frustrated at the lunch time rush around campus? In a hurry to get to your next class? The Tab and UCLU Parkour have brought you the perfect solution…

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Jason Cheung shows us how to bypass stairs for those who hate them.


Stuck at the top of the Portico and need to make a quick getaway? This is how it’s done:

Just seen last night’s one-night-stand? This is how not to blend into the crowd (but if done swiftly enough you may get away unseen): 

In a rush to get to class? Have you tried going through the window?

This is how to shake things up between lectures…

Raining? This will help you keep your feet dry:

This is what it’d look like if UCL were Parkour-savvy:

Don’t be afraid to try these moves out – there’s always someone to help you out 🙂


But obviously, don’t try this untrained unless you have a death wish: