UCL’s Affluent Alumni- Mo’ Money Less Problems

Photo booths and pop up heads.

Students and UCL Alumni were queuing up yesterday afternoon to get their photos taken as a ‘thank you’ to those who have donated money to UCL in amounts ranging from  ‘£3 to £3 million.’

The event is to mark UCL’s first ever ‘Global Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day’, which celebrates “the financial support that UCL staff, students and societies have received from thousands of generous UCL alumni.”

Money raised from the ring around is going towards a variety of things UCL, including supporting scholarships, bursaries and the student hardship fund, as well as financing a wide range of campus facilities such as cafes and bars.

Everyone who takes part of the event will be entered into a prize draw for tickets to the Bloomsbury Theatre, as well as receiving a much sought after pop-up paper Jeremy Bentham head.

A flickr gallery has been set up to show some pictures UCL alumni have taken with Bentham’s head around the globe. Here are our favourites.


Bring it

^^Cannot unsee



Me against the music

Santa baby

This was also on there. Don’t know why.