Jailbreak Live!

Exclusive live updates from Jailbreak as events unfold


Over the next 36 hours the intrepid Jailbreak teams from UCL will be attempting to make it as far from UCL as possible, all in the good cause of raising some money for charity. Here at The Tab we will be providing you with live updates of the event from 09:00 on Saturday morning until 21:00 on Sunday night when everyone will reach their final destination. Keep checking us for updates throughout the day, and tweet us @thetablondon with #tabjailbreak with messages for all our teams!

21.00 – Europe at the end of UCLU RAG Jailbreak 2013.

21.00 – “Ended where we started. Failbreak indeed. #end.”

20.40 – Final words from Failbreak: “done quite a lot of challenges, raised quite a bit of money #end.”

Failbreak and Cunning Stunts on top of the world.

20.39 – Looking for Oz staying at Raluca’s house and making a desperate plea for a lift home. #end for them.

20.14 – A few snapshots of team Failbreak’s antics.

overnight accommodation.

that’s a very red bum cheek.


20.13 – Mario and Katie have found a place to stay the night for free, indulging in a hearty meal and contemplating never coming back to London.

19.59 – Update from Team Failbreak. They may not have traveled far but they’re determined to get the challenges done. They’ve already got a photo of a topless guy with a six pack and asked a foreigner how to say “fuck me” in their language. Come on guys, we’re waiting for the kiss on the bald man’s head.

19.15 – B Cubed also living the high life with celebratory drinks, dinner and desert.

18.41 – Cunning Stunts have #end-ed after completing as many challenges as possible. Their Jailbreak is over, what a shucking fame.

18.35 – Perpignon, France, Antonio & Yasmin; “…after a 1st class seating on the TGV with no ticket, we are exhausted. #we are the true jailbreakers.” Everyone seems to be bagging the best seats!

18.14 – Seems like our Failbreak boys are focusing on their challenges now before running out of time. Remember guys, pictures or it didn’t happen.

18.06 – Yuri, Amit and Tsukasa in first class on the Eurostar. Livin’ the dream.

17.43- Team Trotski’s Jailbreak revolution is over and they are coming home.

17.31- Amy&Hannah have reached the end of their adventure: “can’t get on any other trains so going to stay in Stuttgart and get a flight home tomorrow! #end.”

17.09- Yuri, Amit and Tsukasa seemed to have a good end to their trip in Lille: “blagged some Bob Marley vinyls which totally match my Bob Marley chilling pants, It was our ultimate goal. #hipsta4lifie #end.” Prash and HM meanwhile are enjoying a sightseeing tour in Berlin.

16.30 B Cubed are calling it a day: “reached southernmost end of Florence at piazzale Michelangelo! Not going any further it’s been a good trip #end.”

16.26 Cherie and Lema now waiting for their flight home from Milan. Very well done to them. Mario and Katie are taking a different approach- namely trying to get deported back. It’s a damn sight cheaper than flying I suppose, albeit a tad riskier.

15.34- Cherie and Lema  have finally arrived in Milan after a seemingly never ending train journey.

15.12 Amy&Hannah are looking to cross the border into Austria, while Oli Jones is giving up at Paris. Come on Oli, keep the Jailbreak flag flying!

14.45 There and Back Again now reached Warsaw city centre, with “bed, food and clubbing” to follow #end

14.30 – Bryan Ong and co has just been to see Michelangelo’s David. Alright for some

14.13 – Ritesh and Kevin #end in Frankfurt and are getting started on the German beer and sausages. Fill yer boots.

13.45 – There and Back Again heading into Warsaw city centre.

13:29 – Looking for Oz thought they were on the yellow brick road to Brno, but now aren’t too sure. They’re sure it’s not Kansas though, which is a start.

12.48 – Neel Kapoor‘s team have decided Paris will be their final destination. Poor form guys, keep going. #end

12.46 Ritesh and Kevin in Frankfurt, Cherie and Lema heading to Milan.

12:38- There and Back Again – A Jailbreak Tale at a petrol station heading towards the Shire Ukraine.

12:04 – Mario and Katie have arrived in Genoa and looking to head to Rome. Italy seemingly a popular destination for Jailbreakers this year #bungabunga

11:42– B Cubed seem to have decided to stay in Florence and are now trudging around in the rain looking for donations to their very worthy cause.

11:18– Lema and Cherie meanwhile are on a train to Milan. Watch out for Silvio- it’s election day after all.

11:06– The Bee Trio are almost in Nice, where it is also snowing apparently. It’s not meant to snow in the south of France surely?

10:06– Team Morph are in New Jersey, unbelievable stuff!

09.03 – Looking for Oz czeching out the Czech Republic!

09.00 – Mario and Katie on a train to Genoa.

08.52 – Amy&Hannah on the train to Frankfurt.

08.45 – There and Back Again heading to Ukraine. Not exactly Mordor is it. Well.

08.43 – Things are looking up for Escape from the Zoo, who have snuck onto train to Arnhem and blagged a ride on a high speed train to Oberhausen, Germany. Nice one guys!

08.40 – Escape from the Zoo accidentally trespassed into guards quarters, slept on floor and were kicked out

08.38 – B Cubed are off to explore Florence.

07.50 – Mario and Katie have stopped in Monaco for a bit, then heading back on the train to Italy.

07.48 – Team Cherie & Lema on a train to Milan.

06.50 – Team Trotski are waking up in snowy Brussels.

06.48 – Mario and Katie have got tickets to Ventimiglia but are planning on ‘accidentally’ falling asleep and cruising to Monaco.

06.40 – Puckleberries Reloaded have decided to #end, after this ordeal: “We’re still in Gatwick. It looks like we’ve exhausted our options here. A tour operator had put our hopes up with the prospect of fitting us as standby passengers on a flight to Geneva, but that’s not happening anymore. If our mental and physical resources were infinite, we would be heading back to Dover for another round of hitch-hiking, but we haven’t slept at all, and we’re very tempted to call it a day and go home.”

06.32 – Our team, Failbreak, are heading back to London to see what can happen today. Don’t lose hope boys!

06.30 – Amy&Hannah have woken up in Germany.

05.28 – Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! are at Frankfurt Airport and will blag a flight after some much needed sleep.

05.20 –The Bee Trio got confused and weren’t in Lyon, but on the way to Marseille.

05.15 – Team MoRPh: #end after their 11 and a half hour flight. But where are they?!

00.01 – Team Failbreak are watching the football league show. Is there a greater comfort than Manish Bhasin on a Saturday Night?

11.24 – Neel Kapoor en route to Alicante!

23.15 – Escape from the Zoo are having a chat about European history with their Dutch publisher friend.

23.12 – Team Trotski are walking through the red light district. Keep walking guys.

23.05 – Antonio and Yasmin in Belgium.

23.03 – Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! just made turkish tea by the roadside. Osman’s favourite phrase is ‘no problem!’

23.01 – The Bee Trio are en route to paris in a lorry

22:59– Mario and Katie have not only managed to secure somewhere to sleep for free but also some free kebabs. Wish I got that deal in Camden on a Saturday night.

22:21– Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! have arrived at their destination and are now getting a lift to the train station with Osman’s friend. This guy just keeps on giving.

20:48Neel Kapoor have some exciting news as they’re on the road to Alicante! Why-cante-everyone do that well? BOOM

20:06–  Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! meanwhile are having a wonderful time being made Turkish tea at the roadside by Osman, their Turkish-lorry-driver-friend. What a guy.

20:04– We’re back after a short absence- seems like demand crashed our site! It’s not fun for Tab team Failbreak either, who stood by the side of the road at Dover for 5 hours and didn’t get a single person to stop. They’re making their way to Heathrow now for plan B. Good luck!

18:52– Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! have passed Brussels but aren’t totally sure where they are. Hopefully they’re actually in Europe.

18:38– McFail are attempting the long hike to Rotterdam on foot, trying to grab a ride along the way.

18.35 – Team Kieran just outside Paris.

18.23 – Leo&Hannah on the way to Belgium, after rejecting a lift to Poland.

18.01 – Looking for Oz on the way to Germany from France!

17:30- Amy and Hannah have set sail for Holland. Stay off the wacky backy girls.

17:03– Team Trotski on their way to Brussels in a big lorry. The stuff 6 year old dreams are made of.

17:00– Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! having lunch on the truck en route to Germany.

16:30Amy and Hannah are on their way to Dusseldorf.

16.03 – Team MoRPh getting on a plane for 12 hours. Where the hell are they going?

16.02 – B Cubed in Zurich, waiting to board a plane to Florence.

15.57 – Our Tab team, Failbreak, on a train to Dover.

15.55 – Mario and Katie bagged free tickets to Nice. Nice.

15.34 – Ritesh & Kevin Balik Kampung! are headed to Aachen, where they’re planning to stay for the evening. Guten nacht.

15.26 – Looking for Oz on the way to France.

15.04 – Antonio and Yasmin about to dive into the channel. We hope not.

14.57 – Cherie and Lema in a car on the way to Paris.

14:46 Mario and Katie have moved on from Paris and are now in Lyon! Presumably on the lookout for branded tea houses and chocolate bars with crunchy bits in.

14.42 – Amy&Hannah just met a nice German man who’s going to take them to Dusseldorf.

14.14 – Puckleberries Reloaded having no luck in Ramsgate, so now walking to the town centre to head back to Dover. Hopefully things will look up for them soon.

13:49Mario and Katie have arrived in Paris! First team to make land on the continent, it’s like d-day all over again except without the occupation thing.

13.43 – B Cubed boarding a free flight to Zurich from Heathrow. Everyone else better up their game!

13.32 – Yuri, Amit and Tsukasa are on their way to Belgium!

13.14 – Team Cherie and Lema and The Bee Trio are both on the ferry to Calais. Finally, off home turf!

13.00 – Team Trotski getting a ride with the police. We’re hoping their activity will get more revolutionary across the border.

Dover lookin’ fine

12:45– Our Tab team (Failbreak) are on the train to Dover having told porky pies to various security guards. Tut tut.

12:38– Ritesh and Kevin Balik Kampung seem to have hit the jackpot and have scored a ride the whole way to Germany with a Turkish truck driver. Cracking news!

12:14– Looks like Cherie and Lema have got a lift to France sorted. McPhail’s Jealbreak meanwhile are doing it the hard way, walking to the Eurotunnel. Have fun guys…

11:40– So far so good for many teams but nobody has managed to make it out of England yet. Cherie and Lema are attempting to get a lift to the ferry whilst B Cubed are on their way to Heathrow thanks to some generosity from TFL. Not so good for Neel Kapoor though, who are stuck at King’s Cross.

11:08- First update from out Tab team (one of them didn’t even set off this morning after a disastrous incident).

“Just asked the French rugby team for a photo. They sneered, declined and added “we are from America.” Tres perplexing”

11:06– Almost everyone seems to be on a train to Dover now. Cunning Stunts, Ritesh and Kevin Balik Kampung, Prash & HM; Yuri, Amit and Tsukasa are all on their way, followed by Looking for Oz, who are also somehow making their way south east.

10:10- Not much movement out of London but plenty is happening. The Puckleberries Reloaded are on a train to Dover while McPhail’s Jailbreak have also caught a train, although to Ashford. Best of the bunch though so far is Mario and Katie who’ve managed to blag Eurostar tickets. Nice one guys.

09:43 Welcome to The Tab’s coverage of Jailbreak 2013, over the next 36 hours we will be keeping you updated with all the info from our intrepid teams, including our Tab team. So far everyone is stuck in London, apart from Cherie and Lema who have manage to hit a ride to Dover on a train (although our map for some reason shows them leaving for the south-west, let’s hope they’re on the right train!)