What the puck is Ice Club all about?

Crina Apostol takes to Ice Hockey like Bambi to ice. Don’t worry though, it all ends well.

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“You took up ice hockey?. . . why?”. . . this was the reaction that greeted me after I decided to join UCLU Ice Club this year (even my own parents dismissed it as a lie to make me appear active and ‘involved’).

This was probably justified as I wasn’t the most athletic person, knew very little about ice hockey and wasn’t the greatest skater in the world. I did however have determination to try the famed sport side of University life, and so I went to the taster sessions.

Now’s not the time for cold feet

I immediately fell in love with it – but it definitely came with its difficulties. You get used to hitting the ice but fortunately it does help to have a stick to keep your balance, much in the same way the elderly use a walking stick to get by.

Mercifully, everyone does something embarrassing at least once when they’re learning… from a missed slap shot to trying to hit the puck but falling over instead! It was comforting to know there are others equally adept at looking like Bambi on ice.

Ice cool

You also have the support of the ice hockey team who are always helping out and a great coach who knows how to motivate you when he sees you’re scared. However, the best part, undoubtedly, is the crew.

Every week, we get to know each other more and more – the standard post-training pint at the local pub always helps the conversation flow easier. If you ever wanted to challenge yourself and do something you thought you couldn’t do, try this!

Contact president Jerusha Wall if you’re interested in having a go.