Campus Streetstyle

The Tab’s street style is back!

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Mia, Conservation, MA

Raoul, Mechanical Engineering, Year 2

Nadia, French and Arabic, Year 2

Tomiris, Architecture, Year 2

Ben, Spanish with Management, Year 2

Left: Sophia, English, Year 3

Right: Lilly, English, Year 3

Kevin, Mechanical Engineering, Year 2

Sasha, French and Philosophy, Year 4

Kiki, Electronic communication and publishing, MA

Julia, ESPS, Year 2

Left: David, Fine Arts, Year 1

Right: Jade, Fine Arts, Year 1

Left: Sebastian, ESPS, Year 2

Right: Felix, ESPS, Year 2

Eva, Biology, Year 2

Xi Xiong, Urban planning, design and management

Katrina, Anthropology, Year 2

Henry, Mechanical Engineering, Year 2

Wladimir, ESPS, Year 2

Rachel, Anthropology, Year 2

John, Mathematics, Year 2