UCLead The Way- King’s Stranded

UCL sit 21st in the world based on reputation- but what of our neighbours?

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Today saw the publishing of the Times Higher Education University World Rankings based on reputation for 2012 after a survey of thousands of academics.

Having seen off the challenge of King’s in other league tables, how would UCL fare in the eyes of academics from around the world?

The biggest question of course was whether or not we’d be higher than the Strand Poly. And the big answer- unsurprisingly- is that we are.

UCL clocked in at number 21, which also equates to number 4 in the United Kingdom behind only Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial- who were 13th.

We all know it’s easy for Imperial to do so well when their students spend three or four years locked in their rooms cramming for the next exam and missing out on any form of a social life- but how did King’s do?

Perhaps tellingly they didn’t actually end up with a number- instead sitting in the “61-70 Group”. Their reputation ranking out of 100? Data withheld. Perhaps that says it all.

The LSE meanwhile came in at 29 meaning that UCL also finds itself as the top constituent college of the University of London as well as the second best university (Imperial? Really?) in the capital city.

And lets face it, if we had the sort of financial endowment our friends in the rural backwaters of Oxford and Cambridge have we’d probably be even higher up the list.

Coldplay can’t have been particularly beneficial either.